Technical - Tuning

I'm not a big fan of extensive tuning and alternations, see dare patina :) but one of my Austin sercive books contained a lovely handwritten contemporary tuning list I would like to share here as well!

This shoud translate into:


Tuning suggestions : -


     Polish head.
     Fit KE 965 valves with double springs.
     Mate with care.
     Smooth ports & inlet manifold.
     Fit straight - thru Servais silencer.


     Add pair of Woodhead-Monroe tele dampers
     to rear end of wishbones leaving originals
     on. (Conversion kit available).


     Remove rear units & anti roll bar & replace
     with pair of large diameter Newton direct
     acting dampers (conversion kit available).


     Michelin 5.50x16 zigzag on front
     Michelin 5.75x16 success on rear