Technical Pages - Tools

Almost all bolts on the car are in BSF format and one should try to keep it that way imho. The only exception I found so far is the Girling Brake system, here threads are 3/8''x 24 UNF.


The most common sizes are:

1/4 BSFx26    =   3/16 W      =  spanner use 7/16 AF
5/16 BSFx22  =   1/4 W        =  spanner use 14 mm
3/8 BSFx20   =   5/16 W      =  spanner use 5/8 AF
7/16 BSFx18  =   3/8 W        =  spanner use 18 mm
1/2 BSFx16    =   7/16 W       =  spanner use 21 mm


The spanner use is the format for modern ratchet spanners etc.


More for collecting than for use I bought a vintage set of Britool nuts which are quite cheap generally. It is the simplest variant with no ratchet supplied. But these proved to be very useful and seem indestructible, so I actually use them all the time now.

Unfortunatly these require a hex drive ratchet, but an adaptor can be built by cutting a piece of the hex rod and inserting it into a 7/16'' AF hex nut. So now the old Britool nuts can be used with you favourite modern 1/2'' drive ratchet!

Technical Pages - Original Toolkit

The original toolkit supplied with the car seem to have varied over time and some item got eliminated in the course of the production span. Here's a typical example:

I haven't been able to figure out how the Stevenson jack is supposed to work. Can a reader enlighten me? Some element needs to be rotated to use it on the near and far side. Is it the head? or the centre piece?