Round the World in 21 Days!

The Austin A40 Sports is usually remembered for a publicity stunt organized by Alan Hess Austin's public relations officer: the "Round the World in 30 Days" run in 1951. Background plot was a bet between Hess and Austin chairman Leonard Lord to encircle the world in 30 days using an Austin off the production line and a plane to hop over the oceans. Hess teamed up Ralph Sleigh, Geoge Coates and Ronald Jeavons as co-drivers and Austin mechanics Raleigh Appleby and Joe Galvin to take care of the car mechanics on the way and won the bet arriving 9 days ahead of schedule. He wrote a book about the trip that appeared in the same year (Hess 1951) and Austin produced a 20 min movie showing car and drivers on various locations along their trip. Two wonderful issues of the Motor and the Autocar celebrated the trip as well. Especially the Autocar June 29, 1951 is really gorgeous with many period ads, a full report and an overview of all British Austin dealers who sent their congratulations.

Austin A40 Sports - Round the World

Looking at these reports everything worked impressively flawless. A fantastic achievement of the car, drivers, the helpers involved in meticulous preparation and the Austin global dealer network Hess could rely on. If one looks at the movie carefully there is always another Austin acompanying. The movie is still worth viewing as well, but overall the publicity achieved seems to have been ambiguous and might have contributed to the end of Hess’ career at Austin some time later. I could not find a considerable report in any of the export markets for example. George Bishop, who took part in the trip as a journalist, later recalled that the also present Daily Express correspondent Basil Cardew hated flying and therefore the 21 day trip on board of the accoompanying KLM Skymaster in particular (Bishop 1981). As consequence his reports were at maximum lukewarm and he almost blow up the Dunlop campaign „Round the World on One Set of Dunlop Tyres“, when in a side note he reported changing a flat. The last article in his series reporting the car passing the Longbridge works on homecoming was labelled „Globe-trot Car Will Be Greeted by Strike“. To make things worse, just on the homecoming weekend Jaguar won 1, 3, and 5th places at LeMans and Cardew devoted his whole Monday column to that event and no more words were shed about the succsessful round the world trip!


The car LOE 990 was later sold into private hands, to my knowledge its current status is unknown. Interestingly it is in RHD spec. in the picture below, whereas it was changed to LHD spec. for the trip. It also had slotted wheels a feature that will be added only some month later to the production cars.



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