Austin A40 Sports @ Earls Court and other Shows

The Austin A40 Sports made it debut at the 1950 Earls Court motor show in London. Shortly afterwards the car was shown at the Geneva Motor Show as well. Below are some inpressions from my collection of photo.


It total Austin seems to have produced 3 motor show cars: for 1950, 1951 and for the 1952 shows in coronation colors scheme. If anyone knows more about the specifications of these vehicles I'd be interested to know, since I just know one surviving colour photo.


The initial show car for the 1950 London and Geneva shows might have been painted Azure Blue.

According to Barney Sharratt a colour photo of a "Cap Verde Green" car should be the one perpared for the 1951 motor shows. This car might to be the same car one as pictured while being prepared.