Austin A40 Sports - Logbuch - FAQ

Austin A40 Sports: Two-door convertible body, full 4 (occasional 5) seater, due to the clever construction legroom in the back is actually quite good :)


The A40 Sports was presented to the public at Earls Court Motor Show in October 1950.
Production ran from November 1950 to early 1953.


Total production: 4011 cars
There were two models:     GD2 (floor shift)     built 11/1950 to 08/1951 ca. 750 cars
                                                 GD3 (column shift)     built 08/1951 to 04/1953 ca. 3250 cars
(see register).


Both models were available in three main specifications:
RHD home market
RHD export
LHD export

The LHD/RHD ratio is not known.
Of 4011 vehicles produced 2573 were exported. 1438 were sold in GB with home market spec.

643 Austin A40 Sports went to the U.S.A. Other important export markets were Canada, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Today my register lists around 250 cars. Many of them RHD home market spec. Taking into consideration that there will be more cars hiding awaiting restoration, I assume a survival rate of ca. 8 to 10%.

To compare:  VW Hebmüller: 651 produced, 137 known survivors -> ca. 20%; Healey 100 BN1: ca. 10000 produced, 1600 known survivors -> 16%]


Colours & Trim (see there):  

There seems to be no factory list. Some hints can be found in the Austin Service Journals. Estimates are that the Austin A40 Sports was offered in 10 to 20 factory colours in the course of the production run.
I know of four different trim variants.


Prices NEW:

1950: £633 [£495 +£138 PurchaseTax]
1951: £818 [£525+ £293 PurchaseTax]  
1952: £913 [£525+ £388 PurchaseTax]
1953: £831 [£525+ £306 PurchaseTax]
USA (1951): $2295.-
CH (1951): 10600.- SFr.
NL (1952): 9364 f.
BE (1952): 108000 frs.
D (1952):  10210.- DM incl. Zoll, Heizung und Transport bis Düsseldorf


4 cyl. 65,48x88,9

Twin SU carbs
46PS/50PS @ 5000rpm


Top speed: 77,8 mph (125,2 km/h) recorded by the British magazine The Motor in 1951.
Acceleration: 0-60mph in 25,6s.