Austin A40 Sports - Links & Thanks

In my now nearly 10 year journey as a custodian of an Austin A40 Sports I encountered many fantastic, knowlegable and generous friends all over the globe! Many shared their knowledge with me or helped with technical aspects. Most important are: Bill Wilkman from the Yahoo group who also helped with the English on parts of this page. David Whyley and Norman Milne from the ACCC, who were always generously sharing from their wealth of knowledge. It is always a pleasure to read their articles. Jensen historian Richard Calver who helped me understanding the Jensen side of the story and Dennis Cremer and Tony Eades who answered all my technical questions. Thanks a ton!


Here's the start of a list of important (internet) sources:



No.1 European resource for all Austin Counties cars.

Based in the UK. Wonderful people there, a bimonthly club journal, events and even a spare part service for members!

Friends of the Austin Counties Cars

200 members discuss every aspect of living with their Austin. I found many friends and much help there .

Truely fantastic! Since the planned demise of Yahoo.Groups the group is now at

History & Register of the Austin Eight

Hermann Egges' Austin 8 Site - splendid information and a joy to look around. My No.1 inspiration for setting this up.

Austin Works - Home of the 1947-1952 Austin Cars

Rob Stuart aka 'Mr. Austin''s site. Lots of useful information there.

Ken McGuire's wonderful image documentation of his original 1949 Austin A40 Devon. Great resource.

Old-Era Services - Australia

Peter & Beverley Jackson offer and reproduced a wide variety of unavailable (rubber) parts and offer fantastic quality and service.


I haven't tried them, but this seems to be the successors of EARLPART