Austin A40 Sports - Identification

An Austin A40 Sports has three unique identification numbers: the chassis number, the engine number, and the Jensen body number.

These can be found in the following places:

 - Chassis Number

- Engine Number

- Jensen Body Number

The chassis number and engine number can also be found on a cream plastic tag attached to the inside of the glovebox.

The Jensen body number is stamped into the aluminum and can be found in various places. The most prominent being one in the front shroud and the rear panel. It consists of a four-digit "batch or factoring number" and the actual body number. Jensen started the body count again with the arrival of the new GD3 model in autumn 1951.

If it comes to dating a specific car, various components have date stamps. Above all the Lucas components fitted and the engine and cylinder head seems to have a date stamp cast into the metal as well!