Gallery - DSD 463

According to the BMIHT certificate DSD 463 was built 16.03.1951 with RHD home market specification and first registered in Ayrshire two month later on 09.05.1951. The first owners are unknown, maybe the full history can still be uncovered! Originally she was painted "cream" with black upholstery and cream piping. Carpets were light grey with black piping. Probably she was originally sold by James Tweedie’s Austin dealership in Ayr’s Holmston Road to some lucky owner who was allowed to buy a new car in these austere post-was days. Body number is 138, so DSD 463 is one of the earliest known survivors. Since many of the early cars were exported I expect that more cars are still hiding somewhere yet to be rediscovered!  


At some point in her life she has been repainted light blue and the first holes in the floors needed patching. I tow bar was fitted as well!  The early 1970s she spent in Dumfriesshire and took part in rallies like the Raiders Road Runs in the hands of two delighted owners, that do still have lively memories of their stewardship. In the late 1970 DSD 463 was acquired by the Bateman Motor Museum to form part of the collection in Coniston and I assume this is when she was first "restored" and acquired a new "creamy" old English white paint coat as well.  The museum closed in the 2000s and the cars were sold by auction. 


Currently she is under restoration again. Goal is to keep as much of the original substance as possible, which is always a challenge. But I guess one has to learn to dare patina.


Does any visitor have recollections of the early life of DSD 463? Any information would be truly wonderful.