Austin A40 Sports Register

According to a count made by BMIHT a total of 4011 Austin A40 Sports were produced. Jensen factory data indicates that there were 4242 bodies produced between November 1950 and January 1953 (thanks to Jensen historian Richard Calver for this information). There were two different series. An earlier GD2 model built from November 1950 and the later GD3 model built from August 1951 to sometime in 1953. The most obvious difference between the models is the gear change mechanism: The GD2 uses a floor change Austin Devon gearbox, whereas the GD3 uses an A40 Somerset column change mechanism (more see production changes for additional changes). According to information from "Mr. Austin" aka Rob Stuart (source:, there were 552 Sports produced in the 1950/51 model year, 2610 in 1951/52 and 849 in the final 1952/53 model year. My guess is that ca. 750 GD2 and ca. 3250 GD3 were built in the total 2,5 year production run. 


There have been some attempts already to form a register of surviving Austin A40 Sports. The most comprehensive I know of is that created and been kept by Alan Waller of Australia and Mr. Austin" Rob Stuart of California. However I'm not sure if it is still being updated. The Austin Counties Car Club in the UK has a database since 1975, but their focus lies more on members/keepers than to track specific cars. So I decided to do some research on my own and to add a form of unofficial register here as well. I tried to follow old entries in the journal of the Austin Counties Car Club, added personal communication with owners and sellers who advertised cars and finally used a variant of Alan's and Rob's list as well.


The total database now has around 230 entries, however, many records are incomplete and some might be duplicates, or records of cars that do no longer exist.


So any help and cooperation is welcomed! I encourage all owners to share information with me to get a better understanding of the whole production process, Austin's export activites and surviving cars.


Please get in touch with me if you want to participate. The data gathered will never be shared online.


Ideally my dataset should include:


chassis number,


engine number,


and Jensen body number (see identification).


The original body colour if known and trim details again if known.


Build date if recorded on an available BMIHT certificate and


Number plate in countries where this is informative.


In return for the information, I will be sharing my knowledge about how your car fit into the database and you can be part of this hopefully growing project!


Austin A40 Sports register
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